The Heart of Revolution

Nandini Nair

KR Meera’s new novella is born of an early fascination with Naxalism and freedom

AAPocracy and the Cult of K

The platitudinous bunkum Kejriwal spews with such faux solemnity shows how determined he is to fortify his own mythology as Our Man of Deliverance

JNU and the Price of Sedition

The dangers of making seditionists out of comic-strip revolutionaries

Ring in the Free New

On WhatsApp calling and another painful revolution in the works

Revolution: A Love Story

Kerala’s most wanted Maoist couple are using fiction and journalism as weapons of mass delusion

The Obituary of a Movement

It was good, it was brief

Return to Libya

About a fortnight ago, the country celebrated the first anniversary of its revolution. An Indian professor, now back at his university there after a gap of ten months, is pleased to see his students who had turned into armed revolutionaries get back to their books again. His report

An Iranian Spark in India

On 12 June 2009, Mahmud Ahmedinejad came to power in Iran in a disputed election, which triggered a short-lived democratic movement. In Pune, which has a sizeable population of Iranian students, there was a flicker of protest, but it was immediately snuffed out. A reminiscence

The Red Hibiscus Revolution

My students in Libya were carefree, fun-loving, style-conscious and seemingly lazy. Then the revolution happened, and they took to guns and capturing towns


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