God Has Left Politics

Hartosh Singh Bal

There’s proof Indians are becoming more religious. Yet the days of politics based on religion seem to be over. What happened?

The Halal Way to World Peace

He is India’s most voluble Muslim on television today. Just who is Dr Zakir Naik?

The Comic Side of the Right Wing

They are funniest when they do not mean to be so

The Girl Who Dared

A Kashmiri who fell in love with a Jammu businessman across the religious divide seeks justice after he was killed by the police in Srinagar.

Weekend Wisdom

Dhume’s book serves as an apt portrait of an Indonesia torn between love for Osama bin Laden and Demi Moore

My Crippled Testimony

It’s a 999-page report. It took 17 years, cost Rs 8 crore and had 399 sittings with depositions from 33 Commission witnesses, 53 Central Government witnesses and 14 defence witnesses—100 in all. As one of those hundred, I want to have my say. In full. So here it is.

The Widow of a Bachelor

The heartbreaking story of a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy who fell in love while crossing a mighty river, the war between their parents, and a truce that came too late, as always.

Veil of Vulnerability

Radhika Shaikh, a Hindu, teaches orthodox Muslim women the art of self defence.

A Life Less Ordinary

This Orange Prize winner lays bare the fissures in seemingly perfect relationships.

The Power of Fiction

If the Jesus story is mostly a fabrication, it could yet let me outdo Dan Brown.


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