Tell-tale Digits

Vijay Soni

Men with short index fingers and long ring fingers are found to be nicer towards women

Love in the Time of Internet

Modern love is complex. Like the flowers they sell with chemicals infused to make them last longer, it is a heady mix of things

The Privacy Breach

…has done worse than invading my sanctum, it has scrambled all my relationships

Shades of Friendship

The ways in which almost-friends impinge on your life

Toxic Relationships

…and what it takes to walk out on them

My Toothbrush in His Bathroom

…and other portents of the point of no return

Thank You for the Memories

The dodgy dynamics of reconnecting with exes

The Other Shades of Grey

…between a passionate lover and a chilling monster in the same body

The Problem of Plan B

How relationships get tricky when you always have a foot out of the door

Saas Aur Bahu

A new study says their relationship could have influenced the evolution of menopause


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