Ranbir Kapoor

The Awkward Embrace

Rajeev Masand

Another Role Switch | MeToo Caution Kicks In

The Coolest Old Person Ranbir Knew

Close escape | Good guy gone bad?

Red Carpet Diplomacy

Man in the Middle | Casting Aspersions

Sanju Movie Review

Isn’t ‘Sanju’ a movie that consciously attempts to 'fake' our perception?

The Last Anti-Hero: Sanjay Dutt in Life and Art

Can we expect objectivity from an industry that has always made excuses for India’s most polarising star?

Rajkumar Hirani: ‘I don’t judge people’

Rajkumar Hirani on making his first biopic and the complexity that is Sanjay Dutt

A Refreshingly Candid Relationship

Together or Not? | In Need of a Bail-Out

A Remake With a Twist

Kartik’s Moment in the Sun | A Charming Nightmare

The Perfect Impersonator

Clash of the Titans | The Desperate Filmmaker

No Sparks Yet

Hoping for a Comeback | Time’s Not Up in the Hindi Film Industry


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