Rajkumar Hirani

Scripting a Comeback

Rajeev Masand

Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly starting new projects with Rajkumar Hirani, Siddharth Anand and Tamil wunderkind Atlee Kumar

SRK the Soloist

Rajkumar Hirani has asked the superstar to hold off making an announcement till a final script is locked

Great Impersonations

Vidya will be seen playing the lead role in Shankuntala Devi biopic that is set to open in May

The Price of Youth

Keerthy Suresh who had signed up to make her Bollywood debut opposite Ajay Devgn is no longer a part of the project

Sanjay Leela

The size of his ego proportionate to the size of his chest, Salman Khan refused to call the director to work out a truce

Bollywood’s Hidden Inspiration

Realist Anushka | He Who Cannot Be Named

Sanju Movie Review

Isn’t ‘Sanju’ a movie that consciously attempts to 'fake' our perception?

The Last Anti-Hero: Sanjay Dutt in Life and Art

Can we expect objectivity from an industry that has always made excuses for India’s most polarising star?

Rajkumar Hirani: ‘I don’t judge people’

Rajkumar Hirani on making his first biopic and the complexity that is Sanjay Dutt

The Return of Sanjay Dutt

Rough Takeoff | Cold War


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