Triple Talaq Verdict: Some Justice, Finally

PR Ramesh + Ullekh NP + Siddharth Singh

The impact of the Supreme Court’s Triple Talaq verdict on Indian politics and Muslim society

Ode to Triple Talaq

Is it the end of a medieval practice?

Hypocrites of Islam

The deplorable use of a Quranic term in India’s Urdu media to savage liberal Muslims

In Response to Zafarul Islam: Islamist Editors are Indeed Radicalising Indian Muslims

In modern times, a glaring intellectual failure of the Muslim mind is not to distinguish between Israel, the Jews and the Zionists

Women Voting in Saudi Arabia

Women form 42 per cent of the country’s population and they have consistently been outperforming men on metrics such as literacy

The Anomalous Imam

Why the hereditary power of the Shahi Imamate of Delhi is both anti-democratic and anti-Quranic

The Emperor’s Holy Book

A copy of the Quran, parts of which were written by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, will soon be auctioned in Germany.

Hang Their Memories

Our contempt is the only thing the terrorists deserve.


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