Quarantine Notebook

Mehr Tarar

It is the coronavirus that now issues guidelines on how we are to be, where we are to be, why we are to be

Where Harry Dates Hermione

Browsing through fanfiction on the internet has become a lockdown escape

Unmasking an Array of Brands

Consumerist footprint on a preventive shield

Collective Confinement

In our own interest, we would follow the Covid-19 drill

Aarogya Setu: Privacy versus Life

Is Aarogya Setu a dangerous application?

The New Codes of Conduct

Living with the virus requires a complete overhaul of our individual and social habits

In the Diminished Realm of the Senses

How touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight have changed in this lockdown

Letting Go

A lifetime of saying goodbye to people and things—and there was still more to lose


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