Prime Minister

Behind the Curve

Hartosh Singh Bal

Can this PM summon another ‘nuclear’ moment, or will the chaos in Kashmir continue to spiral out of control?

Why Rahul Is Popular

A lot of them, men and women, upper caste Hindus and Dalits, young and old, find Rahul “clean, accessible and energetic”. His looks count for something too.

Manmohan’s India

It’s a question India’s Prime Minister asked a long time ago when he first embarked on his political journey. Now, in his latest effort to lead the country in keeping with his long-term vision, he may well want to ask it again: who fails if India wins?

Tugs at the Top

With renewed talk of a rift between Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee, Congress circles are abuzz with balance-of-power whispers.

Shaping a Legacy

Manmohan Singh has returned as Prime Minister with a renewed mandate but his challenges are larger than before


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