Prime Minister

Reminiscences of a Bureaucrat

Madhavankutty Pillai

An officer under Indira and Rajiv Gandhi shares an insider account

A connected world, a shared future

The B20 Summit paves the way for collective transformation, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Green Credit Line

India will try to repeat the success of solar energy in the green hydrogen sector, PM Modi tells B20 Summit leaders

The Crypto Standard

PM suggested creating a global framework for cryptocurrencies where issues of all stakeholders can be addressed

Rescuing the First BJP PM

From the unwarranted appropriation of those who just want to hate Modi

Silvio Berlusconi (1936-2023): Passion Play

In death, as in life, the former Italian prime minister divides opinion at home and abroad

Power Is a Campaign

It takes a Modi to make a regional election a compelling argument for India

DM from PM

BJP maximises the power of short videos in its social media campaign

The Archipelago of Nationalism: What’s in a Name?

A lot. Naming twenty-one Andaman islands after fallen war heroes is part of the Prime Minister’s project to bind the remote archipelago to a nationalist narrative


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