Prime Minister

The Archipelago of Nationalism: What’s in a Name?

Rajeev Deshpande

A lot. Naming twenty-one Andaman islands after fallen war heroes is part of the Prime Minister’s project to bind the remote archipelago to a nationalist narrative

Benjamin Netanyahu: Bibi Is King Again

But his new partners are uncharted territory for Israel and its longest-serving prime minister

A Muslim PM

Why it’s unlikely in the near future

The Coronation of Rishi Sunak

Britain’s first prime minister of Indian origin begins an epic fight to save the country and the party

The Fall of Liz Truss

The shortest serving prime minister in British history

A Prayer for Britain

Liz Truss has made a perfect mess of everything in the shortest time possible

Navy sheds colonial tag as PM invokes Shivaji

Modi dedicates new aircraft carrier Vikrant which he says reflects Made in India spirit and also ensign that replaces St George's cross with Ashokan lions

Make aspirational India a developed nation in next 25 years: PM

“How long do we have to seek global certificates? We need to set our own standards. We don’t need to look like others,” Modi said.

Britain’s Rishi Test

Only the English are allowed to be condescending

The Iron Will

How Narendra Modi strengthened India’s defence


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