Prime Minister

Modi’s Lockdown

Siddharth Singh

A Prime Minister is as efficient as his government machinery will allow him to be

Conservative Sweep

Boris Johnson's magic appealed to an electorate eager to leave the European Union

Boris Johnson: The One and Many

A portrait of the new UK prime minister

Being Boris

Can Boris Johnson play Churchill in the divided kingdom?

The $5 Trillion Task

Well within the grasp of Modi 2.0

Modi 2.0: The Time for Vishwas

With inclusiveness as a new mantra, the Prime Minister’s outreach to minorities will be a new mould of progress and development for all

Modi Scene Two: Enter the Alchemist

The rise of Narendra Modi marks a cultural shift in the Right’s management of power

Why Modi is Still the One

Modi’s individual integrity gave the politics of hope a greater sense of authenticity


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