‘We are not playing big brother’

PR Ramesh

Social media companies should comply with rules and regulations, says Union Information Technology and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Surface Tensions

Making sense of the parochial mind

When Breath Becomes Fatal

Author and researcher Dean Spears asserts that India’s air pollution does not merely kill children, it also impacts each generation of survivors

Modi Versus Them

The Aesthetics of power

This Is Us

Anjum Hasan’s short stories are to be savoured for their quiet sophistication and power

The Show of Strength

India still swayed to the tune of Narendra Modi

Power 2017

Its passions and pathologies

The Angry Fabulist

In Prayaag Akbar’s first novel, a mother’s search for her daughter becomes a searing argument against power. The writer in conversation with Bhavya Dore

Fear at the Top

A new government means a new set of favourite bureaucrats. Who will stay on and who won’t?


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