A Solution for No Problem

Madhavankutty Pillai

Population as a reason for India’s backwardness is a perpetual bugbear

Scars and Stripes

While tiger numbers countrywide are encouraging, much more needs to be done

What’s Next in Assam?

The overwhelming demand for updating the National Register of Citizens represents an almost Darwinian struggle of a people to preserve their identity. A journey through the fault lines of Assam

Mumbai Notebook

The declining population of Humboldt penguins

Mind the Gap

It takes a village to understand an unequal society

Shaky Foundation

India’s evolution is held back by a deep institutional malaise

Confessions of a Population Control Committee Member

“Condom is such a dirty word. How could we have discussed it with strangers [in this defunct committee of wives of ministers]?”

Census of India

The current census is expected to cost the Government Rs 2,009 crore.

Embrace of Life

A low-cost alternative to incubators promises to save hundreds of thousands of infant lives in the poorest regions of the world.


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