School for Politicians

Priyanka Pulla

A civic leadership incubator programme in Bangalore attempts to teach future political leaders skills of governance. Priyanka Pulla attends a session to find out what it takes to educate a politician

In Pursuit of a Slim Silhouette

‘Weight loss’ is the mantra of middle-aged Indian politicians

Voters, Analysts, Leaders

The behaviour of all three can be explained in some way by the insights of Behavioural Economics

Dazzled by Their Soul

Our politician poets such as Kapil Sibal are so in love with themselves that they believe every eructation of theirs deserves a readership. Our literary culture is more than happy to oblige

India This Week

Politicians nearing retirement; Gang wars in Byculla; Trouble for Amar Singh; India yields on carbon emissions; Risky homecoming for Kashmiri Pandits

Mr Make-piece Thackeray

Madhav Agasti, fashion designer to Maharashtra politicians, also dresses Congress and BJP leaders.


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