Power and Meaning

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why politicians live longer and thrive when others don’t

Leave Aside Democracy Please

When politicians equate their simulated victimhood with a crisis in democracy

Bring Back Dignity Please

How to deal with badly behaving MPs

Chronicle of a Defeat Foretold

Politics and love of a failed politician

Much Ado About Mumbai

With the Shiv Sena wooing outsiders, the Congress banking on film stars and the BJP determined to repeat its best showing ever, it is maximum politics in the Maximum City


A fake marriage, Arun Jaitley's return to work and Modi's Red Fort speech


The books that politicians write


The lawyer-politician who put his party in a fix and the TV channels that cried wolf over a cash crisis

Reclaiming the Coast

Open follows the taproot of Hindutva politics in Dakshina Kannada


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