“There are more people out there looking for wild meat”

V Shoba

K Ullas Karanth, an authority on tigers, in conversation with V Shoba

In Defence of Killing a Tigress

The hypocrisy of rich Indians telling the poor why they must die

Rumble in a Political Jungle

How much longer before India too falls prey to the darker side of conservation?

Tadoba’s Bloody Trails

Tigers have killed more than 50 people around the Tadoba Andhari reserve since 2006. Why is Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district turning into India’s bloodiest tiger conflict zone?

A Losing Battle

There are brave forest officers who are doing their utmost to save Indian wildlife from poachers. But even their best efforts could prove too little, too late.

Who’s Killing the Corbett Tigers?

Four tigers found dead in less than a month, within a triangular patch of about 40 sq km in the heart of one of India’s best reserves. Natural deaths? Infighting? Poaching? With the media rife with speculation, Open cuts through the clutter to find some answers.


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