A Blend in the River

Parul Sharma

Kumbh Mela: A Photo Essay

Kumbh Mela: Leaps of Faith

The spiritual is at its most spectacular when sadhus, seers, seekers, nirvana junkies and tourists of religious kitsch descend on Hinduism’s biggest carnival. Aditya Iyer goes to the Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj

A Bridge to Eternity

The Kumbh infrastructure is a feat but we could still manage our temple tourism better

Prayagraj and Kumbh

The sacred and the civic on the Ganga

Clash at the Confluence

The two ideas of Prayagraj

God of the Year: Ayyappa – A Life

The evolution of the deity at Sabarimala

Pilgrimage Paradigm

The relationship between the secular everyday and the sacred perennial

A Journey to Shiva’s Abode

The magnificence of Mount Kailash

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Every year, pilgrims walk extraordinary distances, many of them even walk over 500 km, to reach Pandharpur.


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