Second Lives

Rupika Chawla

Rohit Chawla’s celebrity portraits inspired by iconic paintings are accessorised by cultural history

Steve McCurry: Altered Reality for Art’s Sake

The photographer Steve McCurry is on trial for digital manipulation. He is in good company

Sheba Chhachhi: Travels in Hyperreality

Sheba Chhachhi’s quest for multimedia explorations is captured in a book as arresting as her work

Ravi Agarwal: In the Realm of Nature

Ravi Agarwal’s photography forces us to ask: Is this what we do to nature? Is this what we do in turn, to ourselves?

Dayanita Singh: Visual Bookmaker

She has reconfigured the idea of the book and the idea of the photograph

William Dalrymple: Picture This

William Dalrymple was a keen photographer before he became an author. The cell phone has returned him to that abandoned love.

The Self in the Selfie

Living dangerously inside a camera

The Naked Truth

What lies beneath the sensuous eloquence of Prabuddha Dasgupta

Master Picture Perfect

The colour philosophy of Raghubir Singh was influenced by his interest in traditional Indian art

Alpha 7R II

Loaded with features, this is Sony’s new flagship full-frame mirrorless camera


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