The Cruelty of Images

Somak Ghoshal

Could the assault of self-same images of suffering make us immune to their potency?

Framing the Fable

This study on the evolution of photography in the subcontinent strikes a fine balance between the medium’s formal and aesthetic aspirations

Camera as Sketchbook

Rediscovering Jyoti Bhatt, the chronicler of living traditions

Ketaki Sheth: Her Own Space

The art of Ketaki Sheth is perfected by the intuitive and the digital

Dalai Lama: Becoming A Mountain

Looking at the many moods of the Dalai Lama with Raghu Rai

One Morning in Delhi…

Random encounters, with heritage Delhi as a backdrop, are glimpses of life stories told by the instinctive lens

Leonardo Pucci: Alone Together

Leonardo Pucci’s photographs pay homage to urban loneliness

Vivan Sundaram: Between Matter and Memory

It is his humanist engagement with politics that sets Vivan Sundaram apart

Scientific Temper

A visual history of innovation and imagery

Mumbai Mirror

Sooni Taraporevala separates the individual from the crowd in her portraits of the city


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