The Chinese Mind

Swapan Dasgupta

We are dealing with a terrifying enemy

New India’s Budget

People need to catch up with the Government’s vision

Smashing Stereotypes

The rise of the anti-everywoman

Camera as Sketchbook

Rediscovering Jyoti Bhatt, the chronicler of living traditions

Epic Shift

A female retelling of the Mahabharata

What Does a Woman Want?

The politics of desire

The Growth Sutra

What might soon change and what already has about India's emergence

Open Diary

The beef divide, Parliamentary sessions and perceptions of India

The ‘Ignorance’ of India

Surveys become talking points and trending topics on social media. Perhaps that is their only purpose, for it is hard to imagine what such findings are useful for

The Cook, the Chef and the Gender Gap

Let’s assume that skill in the kitchen is gender-neutral. If so, why is a man more likely than a woman to be taken seriously as a chef? It is perception that creates the illusion of a distinction between men and women in the kitchen


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