Trouble at Sheikh Villa

Faiza Sultan Khan

Sheikh Amer Hassan saw his house as his castle, and a lot more besides, and that too in a Pakistan he saw as increasingly permissive. Till he wound up dead

Blood Portrait

A Pakistani artist drew his own blood, half a litre of it, to paint this portrait. But the wait for a visa is discolouring it

Till Speech Is Free

Pakistan is not about to erupt like Egypt. Fundamentally because Pakistanis have never been gagged

Tenderbox Not Tinderbox

For all its contemporary woes and tortured history recounted in MJ Akbar’s new book, Pakistan is not about to fall apart

“Pakistan’s Problems Are in Pakistan’s DNA”

Journalist and author MJ Akbar on why the two-nation theory is a spectacularly stupid idea that needs the enmity of ‘the other’ to exist

Big Brother Is Gawking

Pakistani actress Veena Malik leaves her country’s clergy struck and the Twitterati cheering with a bristling defence of her appearance on Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss

What in God’s Name is This?

Aasia Bibi has been sentenced to death under Pakistan’s dubious blasphemy laws. Her case could hasten the country’s slide towards a closed society.

Good News from Pakistan

The story of an unlikely Christian channel in Pakistan. If going on air was difficult, staying on air is something of a miracle.

High on Coke Studio

Forget cricket. A Pakistani music show is breaking down barriers.

Tale of the Sting

The author, who was the first journalist to expose match fixing in international cricket, pieces together the intricate details of how the sting on the Pakistani cricket team was crafted by a British tabloid. He also remembers his own undercover operations closer home.


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