In the Beginning Is Me

Rosalyn D’Mello

Anju Dodiya creates multiple narratives of the self

Folk Theorems

Tribal art gets mainstream status in the marketplace

Reena Kallat: Trapped in Hyphens

Reena Kallat is continuously re-imagining existing bodies of work to unravel their many possible permutations and combinations

Gandhi on My Canvas

An artist of non-violence

Bakula Nayak: It’s Yesterday

Bakula Nayak uses fragments of the past to create new canvases

Beyond Biographies

Revisualising the idea of the diaspora

The Humanist Project

The power of the subversive and the poetic

Arpana Caur: Time Refreshed

Arpana Caur might borrow from tradition, but her art is firmly contemporary and replete with imagery that is all her own

Krishen Khanna: The Underrated Modernist

Always loyal to the figurative, Krishen Khanna still retains the lyrical possibilities of his lines


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