Karan Mahajan: A Case of Exploding Metaphors

Nandini Nair

The Delhi-born, US-based writer's new novel captures the terror and tragedy of our time

The Conversationalist

Mohsin Hamid talks about his new novel, the inevitability of acknowledging the reader, and how his writing has been changed by fatherhood

The Writer’s Riyaaz

Amit Chaudhuri on the death of the author-editor relationship, the boredom of being a novelist, and writing on his feet, literally

Saeed Mirza Is Still an Angry Man

The director of the seminal Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai on his career as a novelist, the West’s racist ideas and why he found films “very limiting”

A 10-to-7 Job

Hari Kunzru on how internet memes inspire him to create a whole new English, knowing when to shut off the world, and stocking up on 0.5 mm ballpoints in preparation

‘Life without Writing Bores Me’

Gruelling research is just preparation for that moment when the story comes to possess him, says Amitav Ghosh

Magical Seeing

A novelist traces his journey from the word to the image

When Jeffrey Archer Writes His 13th Draft

That’s the right time to send it to the editor, says the bestseller man who writes in complete silence and pure isolation

Nandy’s Legacy

Sports and the human spirit are inextricable. Moti Nandy taught us that and so much more.


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