Ruskin Bond: The Solitary Reaper

Nandini Nair

Ruskin Bond relives his journey from the isolation of childhood to the home he found in the hills

Anees Salim: The Solitary Reaper

Anees Salim first found a licence to fantasise in his hometown of Varkala in Kerala. In his latest novel he returns to the sea with a scathingly funny, achingly sad story

Hari Kunzru: Cross Road Blues

Hari Kunzru, in his new novel, tells of a nation’s darkness through music

Amit Chaudhuri: Master of the Ellipsis

The author in conversation with Nandini Nair. Photos: Rohit Chawla

Ashokamitran (1931-2017): A Precise Storyteller

Truth is not stranger than fiction in the world of Ashokamitran (1931-2017)


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