A Longing for Home

Nandini Nair

We are suffering from a collective affliction called nostalgia

Covid-19-Enforced Lockdown

Refreshing memories of a carefree youth

In Search of Lost Times

A tantalising novel pits art against new India

Why We Still Love Apache Indian (and Bryan Adams)

As a country, we love songs we can sing along with. Perhaps because that takes us back to being the cool young kids we once were

You Can Check out, but Never Leave

This eccentric hotel in Kolkata brings its guests back again and again for the inimitable ‘Fairlawn experience’

The Homecoming

Waves of revealing nostalgia wash over the filmmaker as he visits his school, the only home he knew in his childhood, for its centennial.

We Homes Chaps

A lyrical exploration of remembrances of things past, of the sunny innocence of childhood, of the mellow contours of pain from an undefined loss...


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