Loneliness and the Marketplace

Madhavankutty Pillai

A companionship startup and what it says about the future of human beings

Political Power

The end of bipartisan consensus on Indian foreign policy?

Food for Thought

Akshaya Patra Foundation knows its onions, and how

The Efficiency Factor

Why the Akshaya Patra midday meal debate is not a veg versus non-veg one

Being civil about development

The IB report on NGOs brings out the battle between the state and nature

Sting Operators

Handheld by an NGO, they are out to expose doctors who aid sex selection

Foreign Funding of NGOs

Should FDI in India’s thinktank sector worry us? It is a debate long overdue

The Volunteer Trap

Foreigners who shell out good money to do social work in India often go back feeling cheated, misled and sometimes just ignored.

Confessions of a Social Worker

I cleverly manipulated facts and figures, won the confidence of donors and made my NGO a success

Milch Maketh the Maths

From the cool cubicles of the corporate world to buffalo distribution, Annu Tandon has taken quite an arc to enter the dusty fields of electoral politics in Uttar Pradesh


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