national security

Neighbourhood Watch

Rajeev Deshpande

How to prepare for new frontiers of warfare and ensure all-round development of a modern economy

United Against Terror

A series of high-profile conferences in New Delhi sees a wider acceptance of India’s concerns and strategies

PFI: The Long War on Terror

The ban on PFI is the beginning of a period of legal grappling with an organisation and its associates believed to share their agenda with the Islamic State

Anil Chauhan: A Thinking Soldier

The new CDS will have to deliver on military reforms

India close to buying 30 Sea Guardian drones from US

Govt level discussions prioritise acquisition of platforms to monitor the Indian Ocean Region

Normalising the Northeast

There was a case for reviewing AFSPA and removing the law selectively but it may still be premature to repeal it

Edward Luttwak Wants Indian Forces to Learn ‘Hiring’ from Israel

Emulate IDF which recruits even autistic candidates to utilise their special talent, says acclaimed American military scholar

A Matter Of Political Will

Aggression, attitude and actionable intelligence

Face Value

Facial recognition technology has come of age but is it experiencing a glitch in India?


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