The Opium Jihad

Iqbal Chand Malhotra

How Pakistan created the world’s most dangerous narco state

Showbiz and Narcotics: A Bad Trip

Showbiz helps fuel drugs as a lifestyle choice while a high-profile arrest underscores Mumbai’s status as the ultimate party town

High Culture: The Stoned Age

The expanding landscape of drug abuse

Grass Roots

Marijuana was not considered a social evil in the past and its return to respectability is inevitable in India

Broken Bollywood

Divided, self-referential in its storytelling, all too keen to celebrate mediocrity, its reputation in tatters and work largely stalled, the Mumbai film industry has hit rock bottom

Books Redeem the Narcos City

If drugs gave Guadalajara a bad name, then books have done more than redeeming it

Hemp: A Different High

Hemp, long associated with narcotics, is also a useful raw material for legitimate products ranging from textiles to pharmaceuticals. Indian entrepreneurs are beginning to exploit its potential

Bhang’s Non-Narcotic High

An Indian research team finds that essential oils in cannabis can be used for industry

Goa and the Filmmaker

Dil Chahta Hai to Dum Maro Dum marks a decade of the Goa film. Yet, has the state really found a chronicler of its true story?

Confessions of a Narcotics Control Bureau Team Member

“It is the street peddlers who are the real menace. They start by giving students small measures of drugs to get them addicted.”


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