Ram Setu: The Shallow Sea Bridge

Madhavankutty Pillai

The underwater land strip between India and Sri Lanka shuffles between myth, history, commerce and, now, Bollywood

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Rama’s memory lives on because of his extraordinary life and persona

Lunar Thoughts

The moon and the myth

Women Don’t Bleed Blue

How I got over the mystery, myth and maligning of menstruation

The Myth of the IQ Test

Measuring one’s intelligence through a standardised test is misleading, says yet another study

Where the Gods Come to Die

Byatt’s retelling of Ragnarok, with its references to environmental destruction and cyclical violence, reminds us that a great myth is always relevant

The Sparkle Is Forever

The Kohinoor is not the largest diamond in the world. It’s even supposed to be unlucky for its owners. Yet, for Indians, it’s the only gem on earth that matters.

In Search of the Snake Demon

In the heart of Thar Desert, a mysterious snake is believed to be sucking the life out of its victims in their sleep without ever having to bite. Horror stories about the peeuna (one that drinks) have travelled across the sands for centuries. We chase the myth to find the snake behind the scare


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