The Film Reporter’s Viewfinder

Haima Deshpande

A brief history of Indian film journalism through the eyes of those who’ve lived it

The Survival Skills of Randeep Hooda

Finally enjoying some success, the actor had at one point decided to give it all up, even movies, for equestrian pursuits

‘I still don’t know how to make films’

…says the poster boy of Bollywood’s alternative cinema

City of Irritable Ghosts

Anik Datta’s satire Bhooter Bhobishyot is a worthy cinematic tribute to Kolkata, far better textured than the Kahaani brand of nostalgic love

The Dibakarian Way of Life

Director Dibakar Banerjee on the politics of his films, his commitment to cinema as an art form and why he can’t bear to watch his own films

The League of Extraordinary Critics

These reviewers have become my favourite companions

The Oscar Cheat Sheet

Our best guesses for the Academy awards this year

Box-Office Followers

The danger of reducing movies to money

An Easy Escape

Is going to the movies the same as going to a nightclub?


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