Mount Everest

Dealing with Overtourism

Pallavi Aiyar

Is international travel an indulgence or an education?

Madness of Mountains

Restoring an adventurer and eccentric to his rightful place in the annals of Everest

Man of the Peaks

A chronicle of Indian mountaineering through the life of MS Kohli

People and Peaks

Two writers romance the Everest

Death Race to The Peak

Indians make for the largest group of climbers on Mount Everest now, contributing to the overcrowding that is leading to increasing fatalities

Darjeeling of the Mind

Going meditative in the foothills of the Himalayas

Honeycreepers in the Land of Fire

Learning about the evolution of birds

Mount Everest by Air

Flying aboard a notorious carrier along the Himalayas, exulting in its grandeur while hanging on to dear life

Vertical Limit

Pune teenager Krushnaa Patil climbed Mt Everest recently and spent half an hour on top of the world. But strangely, it wasn’t quite the whoohoo moment she thought it would be. Her Everest moment had come a little before the summit...

The Height of Cricket

A ringside view of what it takes to reach the venue for a match being played at the base of Mount Everest


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