Rama: A Reasonable Man

The Rama story is about being true to a pledge regardless of consequences

Rama: A Remarkable Hero

Learning from Rama in the wake of the Ayodhya judgment

Moral Overdose

Kiran Nagarkar’s novel about Kabir collapses under its didactic weight

Robert Mapplethorpe: Fire and Light

The hypnotic aura of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs triumphs over petty public morality

Intimately Joan Didion

A documentary shows why her views on cultural and moral chaos hold valuable lessons even today

Inside the Justice Bazaar

Recent Income Tax raids put the spotlight on middlemen who have operated for years with impunity, leaking judicial verdicts to corporates and other interested parties

The Pornography of Morality

Look who's undermining Modi's modernity agenda

Jai Ho

Proof that the Salman Khan persona and moral philosophy do not go together


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