Between Bitterness

Rahul Pandita

Resentment is growing against Maoists in their strongholds. But it is on the risk of getting eclipsed by grudges against the state

Meghalaya: The Depth of A Tragedy

They wait for a miracle to save the workers trapped in a coal mine in Meghalaya

It’s Alright Na, I’m Only Choking

…under a blanket of red dust in Goa’s mining belt

Anil Agarwal

Agarwal was 22 when he started a business collecting scrap from cable companies and selling it in Bombay.

Whose Development Is It, Anyway?

Now that the Government has finally struck down the Vedanta mining project in Orissa, senior Maoist leader Kobad Ghandy, presently under arrest inside Delhi’s Tihar jail, writes about how mining giants are making obscene amounts of money at the cost of the poor while even the State fails to make any gains.

Vedanta: Question of Superimposition

Cairn India’s acquisition shows that it is keen on the energy business.

The $1 Trillion Opportunity

The treasure trove of wealth under Afghan soil is an attraction alright, but security nightmares dominate. Is there a way around them?

Another Global Investor Drops Vedanta

Lindsay Duffield of Survival International, an international organisation that has campaigned relentlessly against Indian mining company Vedanta, speaks up.


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