A Voyager Across Time

Shaikh Ayaz

Travelling with Gulammohammed Sheikh in the ark of memories

Of Kings and Mystics

Glimpses into India’s moral traditions

A Matter of Taste

Connecting flavours with travel and science, memories and emotions

A Longing for Home

We are suffering from a collective affliction called nostalgia

South Tyrol: Grapes of Glory

In South Tyrol wines are about taste, smell, community and the evocation of memories

Forever Young

Ruskin Bond and the magic of childhood

The Art of Dreaming

Stories of memory and migration

Sharmila Tagore: ‘I would have quit if not for Shashi Kapoor’

Sharmila Tagore on her co-star’s humility and compassion

Shashi Kapoor: The Last Romantic

His image off and onscreen was of a sophisticated and elegant cosmopolitan, but he was also a theth Punjabi, a Kapoor, who lived life big, fond of his drink and food

The Other Side of Sanity

A writer’s struggle with bipolarity


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