The Hilarious Case of Avatar Tulsi

Manu Joseph

Why is it so easy to plant child genius stories in the Indian media?

The One That Got Away

Had private TV news channels been around while Jyotibabu ran Bengal, his misgovernance would have been exposed much earlier.

Confessions of a Film Journalist

“Magazines can’t afford to piss off stars as they need them for their award shows. They also don’t want to portray them as evil or dirty as that will distance fans”

Mother India, Reloaded

Mehboob Khan’s classic is now MI21, a wordless, 45-minute recital of live music set to clips from the movie.


Erik Madigan Heck runs the most expensive journal in the world, at $6,500 an issue. It’s called Nomenus Quarterly and it prints 10 copies. Read it all the way to the bank

What Men Want in the Morning

And why storytellers cannot tell the whole truth about men

Science of Hype

Three great stories come together in the find of a fossil primate. Of these the media spin is the most extraordinary

Drunk with Boredom

Unlikely talking heads and tedious poll predictions make for heartbreaking TV. More IPL, please?

Fellowship of the Beautiful People

The rewards and confusion of being a broadminded Indian

The Power of Nonsense

Bullshit as a cultural force


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