The Going Gets Bloody

Dhirendra K Jha

An attack on a BSP rebel. A defensive speech by Mayawati. Spot the link

Rebellion in the Ranks

Mayawati is tracking this revolt anxiously, but she is also trying her best to play it down

Now That the Easy Part Is Over for Akhilesh

Winning UP may be far easier than governing it, as the new CM will have to depend on his father to shield him from internal threats to his authority

Has Mayawati Forgotten Kanshi Ram?

Within the BSP, Jatav leaders have begun to question Behenji’s role at the top of a party they believe was formed for purposes she has ignored

Didi, Amma & Behenji

Three women chief ministers, Mayawati, Mamata and Jayalalithaa, are not only in control of the political destiny of over 360 million people, they are also shaping the future of Indian politics

The BJP Swallows Mayawati’s Bait

As sacked UP ministers go to other parties, allegations of corruption against the BSP lose their punch

Maya’s land grab, Rahul’s bike ride

A chief minister loses the plot in Uttar Pradesh. A challenger grabs the opportunity. But this ought to be about a fair deal for farmers, not the 2012 polls

India This Week

Slipping in Some Unusual Places; Can’t Afford Celebrations; City-bred ‘Maoists’; Puppets Who Aid the UPA’s Survival; SC Sets Punjab House in Order

The Rahul Plan

In the electoral fray of Uttar Pradesh, the Congress led by Rahul Gandhi aims to win over major Dalit sub-castes disenchanted with Mayawati.

Maya Plays with Fire

The BSP leader’s latest effort to woo Muslims as part of her new electoral formula is raising the communal temperature in UP.


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