The Power of My Vote Bank

Ullekh NP

From the sleepy villages to the bustling towns of western Uttar Pradesh, voters say they will reward the Modi dispensation for its generous schemes and state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for strict policing

The Shrinking of the Satraps

Why Modi is certain to match Nehru’s record

Gandhi’s Soft Power

A combination of hard and soft power is often described as “smart power” and this, if applied judiciously, often delivers the best results

Left’s Message to Congress

Left leaders are arguing that it is more important for the Congress leader to contest from northern India or even Karnataka, and that this would send an appropriate signal of political engagement

Akash Anand: The Chosen One

Can Mayawati’s successor rebuild the Bahujan Samaj Party?

The Biden-Modi Connection

Biden has been far less ‘ideological’ than many other US presidents and sees a genuine need to build common ground with India

Outside Help

The BJP managed to win Azamgarh with tacit assistance from BSP leader Mayawati. She put up a local Muslim candidate who split the SP vote right down the middle

Stalin and the Comrades

With Stalin’s help, Sitaram Yechury wants to prop up Rahul Gandhi as the main opposition face for the 2024 General Election

The Yogi Sarkar

And the collective wisdom of the people

Rahul’s Choice

The gossip is that the Gandhi family, particularly Rahul Gandhi, is not keen on contesting from Amethi again


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