House Panic

Jayanta Ghosal

Coronavirus panic in Parliament

Alliance Overtures

For Mayawati an alliance with the SP will be necessary to counter the BJP in the next election

Pawar Play

Sharad Pawar, one of India’s wiliest politicians, is getting back at the BJP by putting a wedge in their alliance with the Shiv Sena

Swadeshi Worship

India has imposed restrictions on incense sticks coming from China

Is it all maya now?

After four consecutive electoral debacles, Mayawati is at a crossroads

After Rahul Who?

No Media | Surprise to the Speaker | Finding the CM Face | Rational Security | Press Archive | Staying In

High and Low

From nationalism to name-calling and from the insignificant to the intricate, this season of electioneering brought out the best and the worst of Indian politics

Fallacy of the Ideal Candidate

The difficulty of extreme enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct

Inside the Mind of the Indian Muslim Voter

India’s largest minority community is gripped by fear and anxiety


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