The Fight Goes On

Rahul Pandita

Prashant Rahi was arrested on charges of being a Maoist leader. Out on bail, he speaks of prison life, Anna Hazare, and much else

That Film of Memory

...and what I learnt of life, reporting from Bastar and other Maoist areas

Red on Screen

An Indian filmmaker’s tribute to the Maoist movement gets commercially released across Nepal

In Pursuit of a Collector

A dispatch from Ground Zero of Orissa’s Malkangiri district

Not One to Wage War

On 24 December, Dr Binayak Sen was sentenced to a life term on charges of waging war against the State, sedition, and for colluding with Maoists. I saw a very different man on my last visit to his house

Unsaid Words

A woman remembers her best friend, a man dubbed a Maoist and killed by the Republic of India. He happened to be her journalist husband

“Atmosphere not conducive for talks”

Maoist supreme commander Mupalla Laxman Rao, alias Ganapathi, responds to Open's questionnaire. An unabridged version of his written responses

Whose Development Is It, Anyway?

Now that the Government has finally struck down the Vedanta mining project in Orissa, senior Maoist leader Kobad Ghandy, presently under arrest inside Delhi’s Tihar jail, writes about how mining giants are making obscene amounts of money at the cost of the poor while even the State fails to make any gains.

Don’t Negotiate with Naxals

Those advocating talks with the Naxals should read the Maoist constitution and check what kind of room there is to negotiate.

Staring at Defeat

Even the security forces know that every starving Indian is a potential Maoist insurgent


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