The Endgame in Bastar

Siddharth Singh

Maoists are running out of places to hide

Bastar: Guns and Roads

After nearly two decades of violence, Bastar now has a semblance of normalcy but this has more to do with individual choices than ideological leanings

The Blind Men of the Home Ministry

CRPF soldiers fighting insurgents on the ground reveal a horror story of official ignorance and apathy

The Myth of Hindu Terror

What the data says: India faces bigger threats from Jihad and Maoism

Dialectical Materials

Works by five Leftist artists show the interplay of ideas, politics and camaraderie in vivid colours

Revolution: A Love Story

Kerala’s most wanted Maoist couple are using fiction and journalism as weapons of mass delusion


A despatch from the Maoist heartland

Red Shadow over Assam

The Maoist ‘look east’ strategy has dangerous implications

The Final Battle of Sabyasachi Panda

Odisha’s top Maoist commander raises a huge stink in the Maoist establishment. The party reacts by expelling him

Daughter of a Maoist

Terrorised by the police, bereft of parents, evicted from school—what it means to be a 15-year-old daughter of parents ‘wanted’ by the State


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