Mamata Banerjee


Ullekh NP

A reckless Mamata Banerjee reduces Islamist terror to a Centre-state dispute

Didi is singing alone this time

As Mamata Banerjee rides a wave of triumphalism, Sohini Chattopadhyay in West Bengal says all is not as funny as the Trinamool leader’s limericks

Maa, Maati, Megalomania

Mamata Banerjee has pushed West Bengal to a new low

The Mamata Effect: Mulayam Acts Tough But Maya May Help

The Congress knows that the SP can at best be a short-term ally, but it hopes the compulsions of self-interest ensure the BSP’s support

Maa Maati Manush, and Motor Cars

Mamata Banerjee’s career has been bound to the automobile in strange ways. No wonder, then, the reader of her memoirs soon starts to play a game of car-spotting in the narrative

Nobody Hits a Lady

The national outrage over Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s handling of satire is plain naiveté. Didi knows better than to ignore such timeless instruments of destruction, particularly when she is sure to get away with her counter-offensive

A Close Look at Didi’s Numbers

The TMC seems to have a workable strategy for success without the Congress

Didi, Amma & Behenji

Three women chief ministers, Mayawati, Mamata and Jayalalithaa, are not only in control of the political destiny of over 360 million people, they are also shaping the future of Indian politics

The Madness in Her Method

A desperate Bengal ousted the Left, seeking ‘poribarton’. Six months on, Mamata Banerjee is as vocal as she was while lavishing poll promises, yet ‘change’ looks elusive as ever. So, what’s holding back poribarton?


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