The Aspiring Brahmin

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the strange ambition of a Malayalam movie star turned politician

Between History and Memory

A master storyteller from the south crunches time in an unusual superstructure of a novel within a novel

Meera’s Romance

Love and revenge with a feminist flavour

Laugh Out Loud, Ladies

Patriarchy and the violence against happiness

Auteur’s Odyssey

This book fills a vacuum as the art of a pioneer of the Indian New Wave gets a scholarly treatment

OV Vijayan: Return to Khasak

The masterpiece of OV Vijayan gets an innovative stage adaptation

KR Meera: Rebel with a Pause

She reveals the gendered ideologies imprisoning her characters, constructing a feminist model of dominant literature

Auteur Audacious

Auteur Audacious The Malayalam film Njan (Myself) by Ranjith is one of this year’s most original films. Here, the novelist on whose work the film is based pays his tribute to the genius of his friend and collaborator Ranjith

The Beginning of CopyLeft

A Malayalee poet hopes to set off a trend by making one of his major collections copyright free

The 90-Year-Old Student

Fatima Beevi took a Class IV exam in Kerala last week


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