Metaphorical Malayalee

Madhulika Liddle

A portrait of Kerala in fifty stories

No Man’s Land

Perumal Murugan’s novel wins the JCB Prize for its depiction of displacement and movement

KR Meera: Write and Subvert

KR Meera’s new novel opens with an attempted murder. The author speaks about the trigger of the plot, the pains of writing and the importance of truth telling

Female Rage

Malayalam short stories on gender inequalities

Tovino Thomas: Action Hero

Tovino Thomas shines in a blockbuster Malayalam film about the floods of 2018

KR Meera: The Rebel’s Credo

KR Meera’s latest novel blends mythology and history. The Malayalam author tells Aditya Mani Jha about creating strong women characters and the lure of the Bible

The Imagined Village

Khasak, the magical setting of OV Vijayan’s classic Malayalam novel, was said to be based on Thasrak. But there is more to that story

KPAC Lalitha (1947-2022): A Cultural Icon

Among the greatest actors of Kerala, she leaves an indelible imprint on the Malayali mind

The Anatomy of Outrage

Short stories etched in blood and honesty

The Significance of Onam

Celebrating King Mahabali’s fairness and courage


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