Mahatma Gandhi

Arundhati Roy’s ahistorical fiction

MGS Narayanan

How the novelist in her simplistic rhetoric on caste got Gandhi wrong

My Name is Gandhi

For Amrita Gandhi, being Mahatma Gandhi’s great-granddaughter is as casual a fact of life as the Rs 30,000 she’s not entirely sure of spending on redoing her couch. She admires Bapu’s frugality, but it so happens that her calling in life turned out to be tracking the lifestyles of India’s erstwhile royals

The Story of Their Experiments with Gandhi

How a team of strategists has been hard at work dipping into the past and playing the media to project Anna Hazare as the new Mahatma

Gandhi to Hitler

As history goes, it is bunk. As drama, worse. And why force Gandhi into Hitler’s thoughts?

What Gandhi would tell our serial fasters

Chances are he might have gone on a long unconditional fast himself to convince them that their ways weren’t kosher

Gandhi Sans Gloss

A skillful biography that does not deserve any of the media brouhaha around its ‘sensational’ bits

Another Foolish Ban

When the Congress and Narendra Modi agree, it can only mean bad news

Bisexual Gandhi surrounded by Foreign Women

Author Lelyveld says he has not used the word ‘bisexual’

Gandhi, the Untouchable

Artist J Nandakumar had his show cancelled because he dared to show Gandhi trampling on Dalit rights. He fights on


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