Manmatha Nath Dutt – III

Bibek Debroy

English, Sanskrit and a road

Manmatha Nath Dutt – II

A Society, a magazine and a publishing house

New Year Issue: Editor’s Note

A celebration of storytelling

Resisting the Brush Off

Incensed by the media’s indifference to Indian art, Satish Naik began publishing his own magazine, one whose articles are often seen as works of art in themselves

Growing Up on Sportstar

How the magazine was to shape what I’d do later in life

Inside The New Yorker

About a great magazine

Between Closets

An online queer magazine that believes you don’t need to wear your rainbow on your sleeve to matter

Confessions of a Retouch Artist

“We eliminate skin defects, open closed eyes, fix dental abnormalities, remove tattoos, remove unwanted pounds from cheeks, neck, and jowls...”


Erik Madigan Heck runs the most expensive journal in the world, at $6,500 an issue. It’s called Nomenus Quarterly and it prints 10 copies. Read it all the way to the bank


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