Lutyens’ Delhi

The Permanence of Change

Rajeev Deshpande

It is not just the replacement of a Lutyens-era building but a recasting of India’s political vision

Delhi’s Mutual Admiration Society

Unravelling the Lutyens’ state of mind

Embassy Exclusive

How Chanakyapuri has become one of the world’s best diplomatic enclaves

Heritage and Nostalgia

Why can’t we be bold about the Central Vista project?

The Idea of Central Vista

In line with an India that is on the cusp of becoming a Great Power


Humour lost on netas and the media under Modi Raj

Open Diary

The privileges of being an MP, airport embarrassment and a visionary proposal

Indian Arms Dealers: The Defence Dynasty

Inside the permanent establishment of Indian arms dealers

Fear and Loathing in Lutyens’ Delhi

Intimations of a New Establishment and the Return of Real India


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