A Complicated Lust Story

Jaideep Mazumdar

A circus in Burdwan is desperate to keep a female elephant from hearing its wild former lover’s calls.

For the Love of Marriage

It is easy enough to blame much of what went awry on an antiquated model of marriage, yet those who married for love in my generation don’t seem to have fared any better.

Danger and Denial

Three years after his Nobel victory, Orhan Pamuk shows the prize was no retirement award with a fine novel about love and memories

The Girl Who Dared

A Kashmiri who fell in love with a Jammu businessman across the religious divide seeks justice after he was killed by the police in Srinagar.

The Widow of a Bachelor

The heartbreaking story of a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy who fell in love while crossing a mighty river, the war between their parents, and a truce that came too late, as always.

Untidy Love

An action-packed narrative of marriage, divorce, family pressure and clever manipulation on all sides, of tears and words followed by hugs and kisses.

The Beast Inside

The Booker Prize winning author writes brutally honest stories about love, loss and loneliness

A Cocktail of Contradictions

Expect the unexpected in this collection of short stories on everything from homicide to perversion


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