Love in the Time of Caste Politics

Shahina KK

For Divya and Ilavarasan, eloping meant sparking off forces beyond their imagination

In Search of the Original Lovers

23 years after it released, a remake reopens the conversation about Aashiqui. What made a simple romance starring relative unknowns such a huge hit?

Is Love Overrated?

Ask me. I’ve had the misfortune of being in it twice

Love in the Time of AFSPA

Irom Sharmila’s quest for an ordinary life

Love Stories Are Not Straight

This queer anthology questions labels such as ‘straight’ and ‘gay’ and, among other things, addresses the complications of love

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

The most personal of Yash Chopra’s films, this is an elegy to love

Heartbreak Central

Junot Diaz’s stories of love, especially the wreckage of love, hit where it hurts most

Love in the Time of Prison Sentences

...and life on the uncertain terms of parole marriages

Longevity Lowdown

A long-term study throws up some surprises

Of Love and Loss

The extraordinary story of a Palestinian doctor from Gaza and his search for meaning in life. For his is a life few of us would be able to bear


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