When the Litfest Came to Town

Shruti Ravindran

The circus you missed, in nine easy snapshots

Non-fiction is Dead: Long Live Belles-lettres

What’s so ‘non’ about literary work that is based on reportage and commentary? Let’s stop subordinating this genre with the term ‘non-fiction’

‘The Best is Not Necessarily Literary’

David Davidar explains why publishers can’t afford to invest time and money on their authors, and goads writers to start taking risks

Does Dalrymple know what racism really is?

The ‘racism’ charge is absurd, and designed merely to deflect attention from the real issue.

“The piece you ran is blatantly racist”

William Dalrymple takes exception to a piece we ran arguing that India’s life of letters was still beholden to the British.

The Literary Raj

For all their posturing and weighty pretences, the Indian elite’s life of letters is still strangely beholden to the British

Why Read Llosa over Marquez

Writing about Peru, the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, also writes about our reality

Emergency, Uncensored

A visual depiction of events of the 1970s that makes this dark period seem more sinister than ever.

Words in the Wilderness

Sarat Chandra’s appeals were humane and logical. But sadly, not enough.

When Fantasy Meets Reality

How will today’s children learn to live in their own world when all they read about are heroes who have magical powers to fight evil forces?


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