Romesh Gunesekera: An Island in Memory

Nandini Nair

In his new novel, Romesh Gunesekera writes of the ebb and flow of boyhood friendships. The novelist in conversation with Nandini Nair

The Delhi Entitlement Syndrome

Overseas writers are not as demanding as Indian ones, especially the ones in north India

The October Test

The omissions are as important as the laureates when it comes to the Nobel Prize in Literature

An Unlikely Pair

The joint award to Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo steals the Nobel’s thunder

Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke: Flight Makers

An inventive Polish in great form and a colossal Austrian are the new Nobel laureates in literature

The Anarchy of Chewing Gum

A satirical take on the foibles of the British ruling class and Indian citizens, which resonates even today

Malayalam Cinema: Frames of Small Things

Social realism without inflated heroism powers the new wave in Malayalam cinema

In Search of Meaning

Poems where the tender is in conversation with the political

Shanta Gokhale: Body of Truth

Writer and translator Shanta Gokhale reflects on what it means to be a woman in India


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