Annie Ernaux: The Master Memoirist

Nandini Nair

For Annie Enraux, the new Nobel laureate in literature, the family narrative carries the biggest social story

Resistance Tongue

English has always been imagined as an ally of the Dalit struggle

The Search

A valuable addition to the study of continental literature

The Imagined Village

Khasak, the magical setting of OV Vijayan’s classic Malayalam novel, was said to be based on Thasrak. But there is more to that story

1922 And All That

A century after the annus mirabilis of literary modernism

Amitava Kumar: Seeking Truth Between the Lines

Amitava Kumar’s latest novel challenges fake news and the form of the novel. The author in conversation with Antara Raghavan

Abdulrazak Gurnah: Out of Africa

Displacement and colonial scars inform the novels of the new Nobel laureate in literature

Moments in Arts and Sports of Independent India

No country can be contained in 75 moments, but these remain milestones of the work in progress


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