Ajit Duara

A movie that is rather too loud but still watchable—mostly for Priyanka Chopra’s sizzler of a turn

Bespoke, Yet a Misfit

A Savile Row quality tailor in Kolkata has few clients left

‘Home and roots are synonymous with comfort and identity’

Originally, I am not from Kolkata. I came from the suburbs, and ended up forming a strong relationship with the city.

The witch and the spirits she has known

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, who claims to be a witch, has written her third book. Supernatural beings, she maintains, are all around us

The Undefeated

She is India’s only known patient of Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, and has undergone eight surgeries so far. She couldn’t complete college because she was always waiting in doctors’ chambers. She lost her father as he couldn’t afford a bypass surgery. Payel Bhattacharya on the loneliness and anger of being the only one of her kind

City of Irritable Ghosts

Anik Datta’s satire Bhooter Bhobishyot is a worthy cinematic tribute to Kolkata, far better textured than the Kahaani brand of nostalgic love

Red Alert: College Street in Danger

An ‘evil’ mall is coming up on this iconic street in Kolkata that is considered the world’s largest second-hand book market

Manohar Aich

He took exercise seriously when he was jailed for protesting against the British Raj


The film is gripping enough for you to not realise its plot holes until the credits roll

Gods in the Making

Idols from a 400-year-old potters’ colony in Kolkata are in demand across the world


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