Khalistani operatives

Operation Clean-Up


Selling electronic scrap yielded a tidy Rs 254 crore to the government, and the clean-up is not yet over

Evidence of a Political Assassination

How a pair of sneakers led to the arrest of Shaurya Chakra awardee Balwinder Singh Sandhu’s killers

Punjab: Harvesting a Protest

If there is trouble from a resurgent Khalistani politics, it is unlikely to follow the roadmap of the 1980s. Siddharth Singh travels across Punjab to find out what has changed

Fixing the Narrative

The cost of the failure to articulate the truth on farm laws

Get Priyanka

If Rahul Gandhi is not serious

Myopic Versions

The problem with conspiracy theories around the plot to secede Punjab

Ashiq Ahmed Nengroo: The man behind Jaish’s revival in Kashmir

Ashiq Ahmed Nengroo of Pulwama transported 33 highly-trained terrorists from the international border to Kashmir Valley. Now from PoK, he continues to send arms consignments through Khalistani operatives


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