Khalistani operatives

KCR’S Tough Test


Apart from the distractions of his national ambitions, misgovernance and alleged scams are hurting BRS

The Limits of Moral Imperialism

The Anglo-elite’s attitude towards an emerging superpower like India reeks of hypocrisy

Back to Punjab

The state’s continuing political volatility has spawned a new Pakistan

The New Delhi Pushback

India dismissed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations of an Indian hand in the killing of Khalistani leader Hardeep Nijjar and escalated the showdown with Ottawa to confront its support to terrorist-criminal gangs.

The Surrey Swamp

How Canada became the operational base for terrorist-criminal syndicates working to stir up separatism in Punjab

How Khalistan Resides In the Anglosphere

The emergence of Canada as the international epicentre of Khalistan militancy should not obscure the broader role of its natural allies in sheltering and shielding Sikh extremists fomenting terrorism in India

Microphone Therapy

The functioning of microphones in Parliament and their alleged manipulation

The Man Who Mistook Himself for Bhindranwale

Just before Amritpal Singh went underground, Open travelled with the radical separatist in the region that was once the epicentre of insurgency in Punjab. With the government’s belated crackdown, has the crisis been averted? A dispatch

Operation Clean-Up

Selling electronic scrap yielded a tidy Rs 254 crore to the government, and the clean-up is not yet over


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